I have a few questions before migrate from Xenforo 2.x to Discourse

Hello, I just discover discourse.
I have a few questions:
1.I just signup here using an email from https://temp-mail(dot)org/ . Is there a spam filter to don’t allow users signup with https://temp-mail(dot)org/ ? This spam filter is free?
2.Is it possible migrate from xenforo 2.x ?
3. is there a free spanish translation?
4. The following themes are free?

  • Dark Theme *
  • Discourse-classic
  • Fakebook
  • Ghost
  • Graceful
  • Grey Amber
  • Hidden Whispers
  • Light
  • Light Theme
  • Material Design
  • Minima
  • Minima Dark
  • Sam’s Simple Theme
  1. how many free skins are available?
  2. If my forum domain is example(dot)com , I am thinking create a test(dot)mydomain(dot)com and install here Discourse. Then import my forum database and setup the new Discourse Forum (skins, preferences, etc.)…
    My question: When I am ready how to change my new Discourse forum from test(dot)mydomain(dot)com to mydomain(dot)com ?
    or… what is the best way to migrate from other forum system?

Thanks so much!

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Hi, welcome to Discourse meta.

There is a configurable site setting email domains blacklist where you can add a list of such domains.

I bet there should be an already existing importer. But if there isn’t, You can pay @pfaffman to write one.
EDIT: Here is one Importing / migrating Xenforo to Discourse

Yes there is. And it is one of the most well translated in Spanish.

Yes, all those themes are free and available for use. Plus much more.

There is no concept of skins in discourse. It’s just themes.

There is a dedicated #howto for changing the domain name. You should be good to go.

EDIT: Link Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?


Great answers! thank you so much!!!

What is the difference between this method:

and this one?

If You see the step 10 on the linked article

It asks you to run the linked script.

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Yes! I just read it!


Is it not enough export my xenforo database from cpanel?

why is necessary follow these steps before
run the discourse script ?

If so, Why doesn’t the Github script mention those steps as necessary?

All these steps ensure that your Discourse instance has been set up and you have a local database server with the copy of the Xenforo database.

Because it is documented in the Importing / migrating Xenforo to Discourse topic.


The difference is that they’re two necessary parts of the same method.