I need a functionality/plugin for viewing only the content posted by the author in the current thread.

"I am a beginner, currently building my community forum. As my forum users need to post lengthy articles, for better readability, I hope to have the functionalities/plugins commonly found in traditional forums: ‘viewing only the content posted by the author in the current thread’ and ‘sorting posts by page numbers.’

I would like to browse posts in the following manner:
I wish to be able to view the content posted by the author in the current thread in a way similar to the highlighted section.

I truly appreciate the help and support from Discourse!"

Welcome Haretaleila :tada:

I think you might have contradicted yourself here. Infinite scrolling is meant to improve readability on longer topics. Personally, and I believe others will agree with me on this, you don’t want to do this. The stance on pagination has been very firm as in not happening. I’m going to link Kris’ post below

A possible solution could be to use the topic timeline and the Search if you need to find anything quickly.

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First of all, thank you very much for your response! Secondly, here’s another question: To use the ‘view only the content posted by the author’ feature, is it sufficient to just click on the posts in the topic under the author’s profile picture? However, when I experimented on other forums built with Discourse, I noticed that this feature is not always present when clicking on the author’s profile picture. Why is that?


Because the admin chose to hide user profiles from the public in the settings.

When a user decides to hide their public profile, the count of posts in the topic also does not show on the usercard.

But you can still use search to find all the post of a user in a topic.

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Thank you very much for your response!