I need help to edit the sidebar

I need to create an extra section in side menu and make it properly. The way it did it with vanilla js is error prone and just not fit Discourse’s philosophy.
I have read Beginner's guide to developing Discourse Themes three times, checked all widgets, plugin outlets and templates and haven’t found anything related to modifying the side menu itself. Please advise on how I can add new section to the side menu in a proper way. i am really lost and frustrated.

This is the way I didi it. And I don’t like this solution

Hello :wave:

It’s in core now :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately I don’t have anything like that in our forum

Plus I cannot find enable custom sidebar sections setting anywhere here

What Discourse version you use? It’s maybe an older version which not contains this feature.

I don’t know. Where can I check?
P.S. I am a new person assigned to be responsible for Discourse so am sorry for dumb questions

Discourse 3.0.4

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You probably need to update Discourse.

Isn’t 3.0 the latest stable version of it?

It may, but Discourse comes with the test-passed channel by default. See:

It’s by default because it’s the recommended one. Unless you have a reason to set it to stable instead, I’d recommend setting it back to test-passed.


3.0.5 is the most recent stable release. But you will have to wait for 3.1 or switch to a different branch.

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How can I upgrade if I have no access to the server where Discourse is running (it is operated by Communiteq as far as I know)?

I can see that it was updated itself a month ago
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I’m afraid you may have to wait for the next Stable release to gain this functionality as Communiteq use the Stable version for the majority of their sites. But the good news is it shouldn’t be too long to wait, as the next version of Stable is due out soon. :partying_face:

If you can hang on until then it will make your menu customisation a lot easier. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


Communiteq does also offer the possibility to host on the tests-passed branch nowadays @Olya_Fursova so if you’re interested in switching to that just contact our support.

It’s important to know that you can switch from stable to tests-passed at any time, but to switch back you’ll have to wait until the next new stable major release.


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