What is the best way to modify the new sidebar?

Modify the existing one with a plugin? Do it with a theme-component (is it possible?) or maybe directly creating a sidebar from scratch and not activating the Discourse one? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Yhh9xdq7dc :slight_smile:

The sidebar is quite new so there aren’t a lot of custom plugins or theme components (or documentation) to modify it yet, but I guess the goal is creating very specific customization from scratch.

That’s a quite technical topic and I can’t help you much with this, but if you want to create a new sidebar, this can be useful to you:


Will turning off the sidebar always be an option in the future? Because I’m making my own sidebar as a theme component, but I’m afraid that the Legacy option of the navigation menu’s setting may be removed in the future. Thanks in advance!

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I had no 100% confirmation. However, it’s already “legacy”, the legacy option isn’t available on Discourse-hosted instances (at least the first tiers) and I think it will be discontinued an probably removed at some point.

Can’t say for sure, but I think you should be able to disable it with a plugin… Thing is, you would ensure that even if the sidebar doesn’t show up, it doesn’t make unnecessary requests.

Now it’s far beyond my knowledge! :smile:

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I’d like a response from the team, on a possible alternative for those who don’t want the sidebar. Or making an easy way to replace it or the possibility to disable it. If I have to be honest, it is useful but absolutely not necessary. A more useful thing would have been to have only channels and personal chats, with perhaps a button at the bottom as a link for normal messages. A very simple sidebar with only channel icons and avatars for personal messages. What the sidebar is now is too much for me. It is certainly a subjective thing, but personally I find it somewhat cumbersome.

Anyway thanks for the response, Canapin!

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But, but… I am team :pleading_face: look at my flair!

Joke aside, I completely understand. Most of the team members, regardless of their position (including developers of course), read the forum. If someone comes across this topic and has an answer to provide, they will. :slight_smile:


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