I often get "No users currently online" though it should not display anything


It seems to happen when I’m connected and the number of total connected people decreases under the threshold of whos online minimum display.

Is there a way to completely hide this message?


Hi Canapin,

There is an option to completely hide whos online if below the number of users. It will only hide if you refresh the page.
Maybe you can trick with language to hide this text.

whos online hide below minimum display is checked.
I’ll try the language trick you suggest :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, can’t remove completely the text.

Value can't be blank

Have you done a full refresh since changing this setting? If it’s not working, that sounds like it could be a bug


Yes, I have done this refresh many times and my settings didn’t change. I have noticed this small issue a long time ago, but didn’t report it.
It also happens on my new forum.

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I can’t reproduce the issue with those settings on my development instance. Any chance you can share a link to a site showing the issue?

I reproduced the issue.

I was logged in; it shows 1 user online (whos online hide below minimum display set to 1 and who’s online active ago to 1).
I waited 1 minute, my avatar in the who’s online list disappeared and the message “No users currently online” appears, though it shouldn’t.

The same happens for unregistered visitors browsing the site. If they see the avatar list, and the number of connected users decreases to 0, then they’ll see “No users currently online” appear.

The message disappears when opening a new page.

That’s not very annoying and this is the reason why I didn’t report it, but I’d prefer the visitors not to see such a message. :sweat_smile:


Ah I see, that’s why I couldn’t reproduce it - the number has to decrease while the page is open :+1:

I will take a look and see if I can fix it


This should be fixed by the latest commit to the plugin. If anyone is still seeing issues, please let us know


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