Is there any plugin show number of guests and members(show username)?

Hi all
Is there any plugin help me show like this image

*image: have 18894 user online: 16029 guest and 2604 members
or is there any way i can do?
P/s: i found whos-online plugin but it just show member(avatar)

I think that you could create a theme component to use with who’s online.

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thank you
who’s online only show member online(not guest) and i see theme component only custom html and css. so i have to custom who’s online plugin, is it right?

Oh. Sorry. Yes, it doesn’t count anonymous users. I’m not sure how ready it would be to add that. You could use it to add just a count of the online users, but not anonymous users.

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Those numbers are often totally unsubstantiated anyway. Just create a theme component that takes the number of online users reported by the who’s online plugin and multiply that by 5+2*Math.random() or so to “get” the number of guest users.


thank for yours help!
Can i change who’s online plugin display(show username instead of avatar) and get the number of online members to multiply with component? or i have to custom plugin to do this?
do you have any ideal or tutorials?

i read docs and found this code can custom

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="javascripts/components/whos-online">
    {{#if shouldDisplay }}
        <div id="whos-online" class={{if isLong "collapsed"}}>
            <span title={{i18n "whos_online.tooltip" count=siteSettings.whos_online_active_timeago}}>
            {{#if hasUsers }}
                {{i18n "whos_online.title" count=count}}
            {{else if hasCount }}
                {{i18n "whos_online.count_only" count=count}}
                {{i18n "whos_online.no_users"}}
            {{#if hasUsers }}
            {{#each users as |user|}}
                {{whos-online-avatar user=user}}

but have errors when i try to edit count variable with operator(±*/) :frowning:
how can i edit this ?

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