I want to insert images (banner) between the topic answers. How do I start?

Hi. I want to insert images (banner) between the topic answers.

How do I start? Where can I open my theme files, and in what file do I insert a code/link to a image?


Do you mean inserting images between posts? If so, you should consider plugin outlet connector. The post-bottom outlet is probably what you want.

This is the explanation topic about it.

To find the locations of plugin outlet connectors there is a theme component


I’m sorry, I didn’t understood anything. I created an account on this platform to test and see if I can create an online forum for a few companies. This company “Discourse” should advice the visitors before we create an account that for using a forum here it is necessary developer knowledges.

So you’re saying that I need to program in HTML or whatever language it is, only to put image/banner container between the answers in a topic? And that the users are building and expanding the forum for a company for free? :joy:

Sorry, I may not have understood correctly what you mean by between the answers. Can you explain it with pictures?

Discourse is an open source forum project. I think when you need to add something highly customized, you may have to have some programming knowledge.


Hi and welcome, tullsman :slight_smile:

There is no necessary developer knowledge to use Discourse. There is to develop customizations. :slight_smile:

As @Lhc_fl said, Discourse is open source.
But also, most of the customizations (theme, theme-component, plugin), including the official ones, are also open source. People usually create customizations for their own needs, or find someone to develop it for them (via marketplace, for example).

Many customizations are available for free in Discourse, and any admin who self-hosts their forum can use them.
If you are hosted by Discourse, using one of their plans, there are limitations that are described here: Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


A ok, I thought it was a normal company selling online forums

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No problem, feel free to ask if you have any question, we’re happy to help. :slight_smile:

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Hello :wave:

You can use Discourse Ad Plugin, House Ads section. In this plugin you can choose from some places where you want to the banners, like between posts. :slightly_smiling_face: