I want to install it on the corporate intranet, but I cannot use domain. Can I use IP + port?

For example IP:8080

I want to install it on the corporate intranet, but I cannot use domain 。Can I use IP+port ?

Hi @Aaron_Pang, :wave: I would start here:


HI, my corporate intranet can access the Internet. But I can’t use the domain name

Do you have access to company engineering resources?

You could probably put Discourse on a subdomain and only expose that internally?

I don’t think Discourse will run on IP/port nicely in Production.

Internet access will make setup much easier.


I know, but as the company’s knowledge base, the company is prohibited from putting it on the Internet.

I can access the company’s server

Server, can connect to the Internet

You are not putting it on the internet.

You can use a subdomain without that being accessible on the internet I believe.



If you need someone skilled in this area, you could put an ad in marketplace

Because the intranet DNS setting is difficult.

I started a new topic, how to set up the forum so that only registered users can see the posts.

As the company’s knowledge base, we hope that the account will be visible to the forum only after it has been reviewed.

You should leverage your IT team to create an internal hostname for this.

This is one of the items asked by the setup wizard: “login required”


And here is the setting:


This is the way @Aaron_Pang. I have installed and ran a large instance for the whole company using only an internal DNS hostname and certificates from our internal PKI, and it works very well. In my case the server didn’t even had access to the internet.


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