Intranet integration


Could it run under HTTPS intranet standard like ?

So long as you manage the domain (, from your example above) you should have no trouble running discourse on any subdomain you set up.

The https will depend on the domain being publicly registered along with a certificate from a publicly trusted provider, or being internal domain & using your own internally managed CA (not common, not recommended)

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Pretty much every Windows ADS domain runs its own CA, so this isn’t that uncommon — and setting up a CA infrastructure with OpenSSL is surprisingly easy. :slight_smile:

Anyway, @Batista, what do you mean with “intranet standard”? Within the confines of your intranet, DNS resolution is your responsibility and you can pretty much do anything you like. :grin: Discourse will be fine as long as your clients can resolve the server’s IP address and you’ve created an SSL certificate for that same hostname that your clients will trust…

Just keep in mind that Discourse’s recommended installation method requires access to the internet. The source code is downloaded from GitHub, dependencies are downloaded from RubyGems, the Ubuntu 14.04 base image comes from the Docker Hub; upgrades are also pulled from these sources.
Bottomline, the machine where you want to install Discourse must have full access to the internet, but you can of course prevent it from accepting incoming connections from the public internet via your firewall or routing config.