I wonder how to add hundreds of users into a group? Is there any api?

I need to add hundreds of users (who have posted in in a specific topic)to a group.
How could I achieve it?

Thank you very much!


Hey @Alienazk – I think I found a easy way that could help you add users to a group. It’s based off the information from this post (Bulk add all users to group from a trust level? - #6 by jomaxro). Here are the steps I took since it appears to be a little different:

  1. Go to the hamburger menu and click Admin > Users > Export (You can export any of the active, new, staff, etc.)
  2. Once the export is done you should get a system notification with the .csv file in a zip folder
  3. On Excel or Google Spreadsheets import the file
  4. Once the file opens up go to the user column and depending on the OS either (Windows) left click + shift or (iOS) left click + command to select the usernames you’d like and copy them
  5. Go to the Admin > Users > Group > + New Group
  6. Under ‘Members’ paste the copied usernames. They should separate automatically!

Here is a video too of how it looks after I’ve copied them from the .csv file:

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Thank you! It sounds good.
Finally I chose to export the topic and then do something with the json file.

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