IDE and comfortable DEV environment for newbies

Hello, I am new there!

I am very interested on studiyng Discourse and how to develop my own code for it but I have a small issue: I am very newbie

I don’t develop since 15 years ago, and when i did it was with PHP (not POO) and mysql in a Windows machine (WAMP) with Bluefish and phpmyadmin. All that was very easy to start.

But doing a search, I’m a little dizzy with so many programs that there are to develop ruby on rails. And the major topics I saw are a bit old (2013-2015).

I had some issue to install discourse (I am still unable to run it from a docker installation). The only way I can run a successfull discourse was with bitnami, but I still would like to try with official docket installation 8well my question is not that).


My question is:

I would like to know the best way to work with the code for newbies as me.

  • Something similar to phpmyadmin for the database?
  • Will Bluefish work good or better something else?

I saw the major part of you use VM and SSH to work from outside the server.

If somebody can suggest me other ways to work with discourse for newbies, you are welcome.

Thank you

This is currently the easy way to get a development setup working: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker

If you can’t figure out how to do a, then you’re going to have trouble.

The data explorer plugin is a little bit like php-myadmin.

I am not familiar with Bluefish, but I think it should be fine.


Thank you, I didn’t knew the second link. I will do my work with it.

Regarding my issue with docker, I think is only because i am using ip to access discourse (i can’t register account), if I swich to domain name i hope all should work as it did with bitnami.

I will try Data explorer, and also try to install pgadmin.

I read that bluefish has some problems to get files throught SSH, they have a plugin, but I read is not the best plugin. The second option will do a samba server to edit files or change the IDE. Eclipse seems good alternative.

Also take a look at:


Thank you very much @merefield

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