Idea For Low Cost CDN service for assets (semi free)!

I know many bbcode forums on internet asking the users to upload their own files into urls like imgur then embed the urls in posts…

But in some unique forums i found they ask users to upload using urls but they use cache and proxy to show these urls, it mean if the source of image deleted they still be able to show the content.

Isn’t this good way to get low cost cdn or almost free?

Also for the video and storage content i found some projects like apicodes, killerplayer, VidPowr they use to create a whitelabel player and embeds from free storage service like youtube, gdrive, pcloud, etc… And give the site owners whitelabel player with cdn and free.

I know there’s Bunnycdn and it’s cheap, but my target users is iraq and middle east there’s no cdn for these areas from the cheap providers except cloudflare and have many issues and blocking, and the AWS will cost me 180$ per tb for MENA region.