Idea: text highlighter

Hey guys. It’s me again, the crazy-idea guy :slight_smile:

Ok, so the basic idea is simple: would be nice to have something similar to, where you can empathize a portion of a text and then do some super basic voting on that highlight (i.e. +1, -1)

The idea behind this is that although a reply can be an absolute genius work, it can contain a phrase that is total garbage (or vice versa).

What do you think guys, it make sense?

This was suggested elsewhere here, might be good to try and find that discussion.

This may be it

I searched before, without much luck.

Mostly because i searching for „highlight”, not for „annotation”. Thanks!

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Yeah, I had the benefit of vaguely remembering what was stated prior, so my search fu was only better due to that prior knowledge :slight_smile: