In-text highlight/like button (similar to quoting, but different)

Hey, guys! I’m a new Discourse forum owner – and I love it already :smiley:

My community was launched this past monday, 14, so I’m starting to dive deep on the platform through the users’ experience.

Since I have to answer a great deal of posts a day, I realized Discourse could allow us to just like certain parts of an answer, without opening an answer to that text – on the side of the “Quote” button.


This recognizes the value of the contribution the user has given to the community even when it doesn’t spark a concrete discussion on site.

Aesthetically, it could leave the portion of the text highlighted for the highlighter and for other users, depending on the number of likes it got (Medium has a similar feature).


I hope you like it. If there’s already a plugin or alternative for that, please let me know. Thanks! :wink:


I think someone did a bit of work on something similar in this topic:


Great, Jammy! I hope it’s available soon :slight_smile: thanks!