Identifying posts that haven't been resolved automatically


So we have noticed that there are certain posts on the community that have not satisfied the users question. As in there is some conversation around it but no answer. This has been missed. I wondered if there’s a way to automatically identify these queries and receive notifications.

It may mean that we receive notifications for all the posts that have not been ticked on the ‘solution’ box weekly/fortnightly, is this possible?


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I think running a data explorer query to identify exactly which topics fit the criteria and then getting the results sent in a recurring PM using Automation should do what you want. :+1:

Something like:

-- [params]
-- int_list :category_id = 4, 5, 6

WITH solved_topics AS (
    SELECT p.topic_id
    FROM posts p
    INNER JOIN topic_custom_fields tcf ON tcf.value::int =
    WHERE = 'accepted_answer_post_id'
      AND p.deleted_at ISNULL
      AND post_number = 1

SELECT AS topic_id,
       t.created_at::date "Created Date"
FROM topics t
WHERE NOT IN (SELECT topic_id FROM solved_topics)
  AND t.user_id > 0
  AND t.deleted_at ISNULL
  AND t.closed = false
  AND t.category_id IN (:category_id)
  AND t.created_at > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '14 DAYS'