IdP-Initiated SLO logout is not working


I have installed discourse-saml on my discourse app, and configured it with my SimpleSAMLPHP SSO server, everything is working fine.

I have few wordpress sites as well that are configured with my SSO server well, now the issue is if I try to logout from any of the wordpress site then SSO logout is not completes and the discouse auth/failure page is appears on the same page.

But if I do first logout from discourse app then SSO logout work and all of my sites automatically logout.

Would you please help me that what kind of the settings do I need to modify in discourse plugins settings so the IdP-Initiated SLO logout issue is resolve.

Sorry for the delayed reply. The member of the Discourse team who I think could help with this is away this week. Let us know if you are able to get the logout issue sorted out before then.

Here are a few links to topics that might provide some help:

It might be worth trying to contact the author of the SimpleSAML.php module to see if they have any ideas about how to fix the issue.