IE9 vs Chrome comparison review

Continuing the discussion from ‘console’ is undefined - javascript error in logs:

So I did a quick run-though of experience of IE9 (9.0.8112.16421) vs Chrome 39.

I did test far more than what’s listed here, these are the problem areas.

###Newly opened


  • missing placeholder text in input fields.
  • initial category not selected

###Post filled in


  • Your topic is similar to... displayed empty

So I tired it on so I could post it:

  • note that even when I used the longer title on meta the Your topic is similar to... did not update, but on try it did.

##YouTube embeds

  • Missing title of video

##Edit and insert image (upload)

  • Uploads seem to not work, pressing the upload button simply feels like you haven’t pressed it and it’s ignoring you. (cancel works though so at least you don’t lose where you are)

##Edit and insert image link via From the web upload box

  • Inserting a link via the upload icon inserts it in the wrong place, incorrectly inserted at the top of the editing box when my cursor was just below More text.
  • Smiles / Emoji also insert incorrectly at the start.

##Image upload for user card / Profile background

  • Dialog displayed but nothing happened after selecting Open

##Edit post

  • Category not selected when uncategoried

#Additional notes

  • On meta at 1029x768 when filling out the title of a post for a new topic the “characters to go” doesn’t seem to appear in either browser - perhaps hidden below the tags dialog.
  • I didn’t test updates appearing in topic list
  • I did see notifications appear after selecting Download My Posts


  • Experience seemed very good

  • The placeholders in the Composer would be great for new users

  • Insert position needs to be fixed.

  • Uploads broken - would be real nice to get this working.

  • Other things - mostly not so important.


Thank you for taking the time to do this, very much appreciated, sorry if I was cranky about it earlier :wink:

I agree that the uploads not working at all is probably the most critical issue here. @zogstrip can you have a look at that later this week and try to resolve why IE9 wouldn’t work at all with the upload button?


Never worry about being cranky - you have to keep these bugs at bay… and I think I must have posted 50+ bug topics by now, you must be thinking oh yeah, another one from "that" guy.

Thanks for saying “thanks” though :blush:

On the insert position problem this might be the solution: jquery - JavaScript - Insert Character at cursor position IE8 and IE9 - Stack Overflow

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There you go :wink: Was pretty easy :smirk: