If there any chance to patch #category mentions to use not category SLUG but non-English category name on non-engl forums

@tgxworld If there any chance to patch #category mentions to use not category SLUG but category name (non-English category name on non-engl forums).

Example: this is mention #Календарь (Russian category Calendar) -> subsidized with SLUG and seen as #Calendar , not local category name.

many thanks


The category slug doesn’t accept the Cyrillic characters? I think it’s a easier change to try to add, optional, UTF 8 category slugs.

It seems there are couple of issues

  1. Russian name, English slug-> subsidized by #category_eng_slug, engl tag looks not natural in rus text.
  2. Russian name, Russia slug -> Not subsidized at all (drop down with Russian categories shown), just plain text #category_russ_slug, no links after ENTER key.

Also, non technical issue - good to have english slugs (and russian name) for some SEO and other purposes


While this would probably be the most common use case, this feature would also be relevant for English fora where the slug does not match the category name (for whatever reason). For example, I have a “Say Hi” Category whose slug is instroduce and whenever I ask new users to write a quick introduction in that category I have the choice of writing “say hi category” (and possibly linking it manually) or to write “#introduce category” which autolinks nicely but which is potentially confusing to users because there is no category called “introduce”.

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