If you were forced (or paid) to build a js frontend for Magento 2... would you still use Ember?

I have read this fine post by eviltrout, which is interesting, but maybe not comprehensive.

I also read “I love the community” bit by Grant Norwood

So, if you had to do it again… or, if you had to do it with PHP, would you choose a different framework?

Honestly we are only looking at React and Ember (but please, comment on any that you like). Especially considering Ember because of the amazing work you all have done with it, and your dedication to it.

Your answer doesn’t have to be deep… just a small bullet list or a one-liner by you js devs would be great. Thanks!

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To put it bluntly, if I “had to do it with PHP”, I would quit.

Personally, I find it easier to grok React than Ember, but there is tons of cross pollination going on between frameworks (glimmer is inspired by React) and when perf is super critical stuff gets very tricky in both frameworks.

That said, I am not sure this discussion really belongs here.

Going to close it cause I can see only lots of arguments which have little to do with Discourse as the outcome of this.