Twitter onebox not showing user id

Is there a reason Twitter onebox isn’t showing all info on a forum I frequent?

Works fine on this forum!

This is something we are aware and work is being tracked at

This happens when there are no Twitter API credential set on the site settings.


This implies there are two solutions

  1. add credentials
  2. wait and don’t add credentials

Is that correct?

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We used to rely on OpenGraph tags to render credential free good oneboxes for Twitter. Then in 2019 they removed those and broke our oneboxing. We got in contact and they added a special pass for us, but looks like this broke again in 2022 :frowning:.

As this keep regressing, we are looking into a fix but we may just give up and stop oneboxing Twitter at all unless a site has working credentials.


Thanks. I’ll ask a mod of the forum I’m on to add credentials.

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