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Hi friends
Are there any solutions for storing big images on discourse? What I mean, is there any option to minimize images while they are being uploaded by the user, or another option which is less preferable, every few months to replace the images on SSD with the small versions of the images?
I just don’t think it’s smart in the long run to stay with all the big images on my SSD…
For now (just founded my forum) I need extra 1GB for every month
Thank you

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The optimal solution here is not to store uploads on your server at all.

Have you considered using s3 or similar? You can front s3 with a CDN which will minimise transfer costs. It’s vastly cheaper than local SSD.


I see…Thank you @Stephen for your answer I’m using amazon lightsail for now, so it’s pretty cheap I have 40GB ssd with my 5$ package. Probably enough for the first year.
Still I wanted to find future solution for that because with the technology today (like I do manually on my website) I minimize 3MB images into 60kb~ (I change the resolution as well) If i’ll do that with my discourse my 40GB will last forever! but i guess it’s not so simple to do it automatically or even manually :laughing:

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Yes there are several site settings that control max image size and conversion quality – have a search.

We also have a rake task that will go through and resize “too large” images uploaded before these site settings were changed, but I am not sure that is public @cvx?

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Besides configuring Cloud storage (S3) and CDN to serve images, does anyone have experience in transforming the images(compressed to progressive jpeg) on the fly before they are stored on S3 or post storing them on S3?

If you have an image-heavy discourse instance, repeatedly complains of not using the progressive jpegs. If the users are uploading images in the post, it is difficult to manually convert/compress the images before or after they are published.

I found some approaches for image minimization on AWS S3 buckets using serverless Lambda functions.

Paid options:

DIY options:

Would love to hear what your experiences are?

Thank you.