Image in comment covering up div comment-respond

See the last comment on this post Moving Beyond Icons - Nature Photographers Network

When there is an image in a comment it spills out of its container

It looks like there is a confilct between a CSS class that is returned with the comments from Discourse and the CSS that’s used in a plugin on your site. The plugin that is adding styles to the class is called accesspress-anonymous-post-pro. The CSS class that’s causing the problem is named lightbox.

The plugin adds a position: absolute rule to the lightbox class. You can override that by adding some CSS to your site that targets the comments section

This will override .lightbox { position: absolute; }

.comment-body .lightbox {
    position: static;

There is still an issue with the positioning of the image’s metadata that will need to be sorted out.


Thanks Simon, I tried deactivating that plugin but the problem still remained, but adding the CSS still fixed it.


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