Image lightbox not working after collapsed


The image in chat expanded by default and I can open in lightbox but If I collapse and expand again the lightbox will not work.


  1. Collapse an image
  2. Expand it again
  3. Lightbox will not work anymore

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if we are accepting public bugs on Chat since it is so so very alpha @sam? I would really prefer this to be kept local to us for now.

It is a tricky problem, I find it pretty much impossible to triage the “stream of thoughts” topics that cover a kitchen sink of issues.

This particular report is perfect :confetti_ball: and not something I noticed till now.

@nat has been refactoring this area and is very interested in this.

I far prefer dedicated topics for issues with chat, but if you prefer to keep this is a private category and just tag them with #bug or #feature tags it is fine with me.


Thanks for the great report, super easy to reproduce! It is now confirmed to be fixed: PR. We’ll have to give it some time to be propagated to meta.


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