Image not respecting lightbox wrapper size

It’s possible this isn’t a bug, but we’re on the stable branch and are currently seeing some wonky behavior with lightboxes/images within other blocks that certainly seems unintentional.

Here’s what we see on the Theme creator site:


And here’s what we see on our own instance:

As you can see, the image is extending beyond the lightbox wrapper, when the intended behavior is to have it scale within the lightbox wrapper as it does on the theme creator site.

Any help in figuring out what’s causing this would be much appreciated.

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Does anybody happen to know if this is, for example, a bug that’s been patched on tests-passed but the fix hasn’t made it’s way to stable yet?

Or is this some weird edge case nobody has any idea about?

I would suggest you move over to the tests-passed.

Its recommended as well.

Our hosting service is on stable, so that’s not an option, unfortunately.

Sadly if you have no repro on tests-passed we can not sort this out, it is not the kind of fix we would backport.

Can you repro here?

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