Image not showing if it is larger than upload limit size


I have set remote upload images to 10mb approx if i upload a larger image the result is as shown above.

should it auto-cancel the upload the image if above the remote upload size and just hotlink the image directly?

That is the expected behavior.

If the image is large than X, make it click to see so you don’t waste everyone bandwidth.

why not hotlink the image directly from the other site like gipjy etc?
Even if they click its a use of bandwidth from end user, which is all the same.

Not really. First there is the “IF”, when an image is hotlinked there will be bandwidth cost whether or not a user is really interested in seeing it. Second is the “hotlinking”, many sites are not happy about other sites consuming their bandwidth when they aren’t getting even a visit out of the deal. eg.

100 users seeing hotlinked 5 MB image = 5 MB bandwidth per user but = 500 MB for the source site.