Images cannot fit iphone screen

Yesterday, I updated to version 2.9.0.beta4
Now I find that images cannot fit users’ iphone screens, neither the safari or chrome.
And android users’s phone can fit successfully.

like this, the right one’s image is strangely stretched, while the left one runs normally.

Maybe I did something wrong yesterday😢
Hope to get some suggestions or directions to solve this problem.

(Sorry for my poor English)

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I also find this question occurred on Macbook Air 11-inch

Based on chrome, the picture can be display normally. :arrow_down:

While based on safrai⬇️

The left side and the right side of the picture are cut.

I find a function in settings, responsive post image sizes,
and I tried to add some values then refreshed browsers, nothing changed.

Looking forward to replay, thanks

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The iOS version of Google Chrome uses the exact same rendering engine as Safari, so you’re not really going to notice a difference between the two.

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Thank you very much.
I finally solved this problem by suggesting iphone users update their system to ios 15.0


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