No pinch/zoom on Chrome/iOS

A user reported the following:

Looks like on iOS chrome this site does not allow overwriting the scale / Zoom making this new design rather hard to read.

In safari you can zoom via pinching your fingers.

12.9" iPadPro 2nd gen current iOS

I don’t have access to this device, and can’t confirm. Happy to put you in touch with him if this helps though.

I just tried it here and confirm same. Iphone 8s+.
Can’t say I’ve ever needed to zoom though.

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Zoom works in the iOS discourse app though. So that’s a thing.

Yeah, I’d rate this one as ‘low priority’, but wanted to file the report just in case.


We don’t support alternative browsers on iOS or Android. Only the official browser is supported.

Also, if chrome is not allowing zoom, that is on them not us, as Safari does in the same scenario.