Images flipped 90 deg on iOS 15

Portrait Photos taken on iPhone with newly released iOS 15 is flipped 90 deg.

Applies both to photo taken directly from web page and uploaded from photo library.

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Landscape is flipped 180 deg

There is an old know bug since iOS 13, where if you pick the reduced size image iOS will remove the exif and break image rotation. Can you try selecting the original image and uploading it again?


I’m not sure if I understand what reduced size image is. I have uploaded either by directly taking a photo or upload from photo library with same result.

When you pick images from the library, there is something that says either “Actual Size” or a size (Small/Medium/Large). Like there:

Can you set to “Actual Size” and try again?


This is actual size from photo library (portrait). The two previous images where taken directly.

This is reduces size of same image:

I don’t know if this apply here, but it is really common issue that any i-device doesn’t obey directions. Images must edit to right position in picture app. But iOS15 and older show images totally right from and at webpages, though.

The images does not display correctly on my iPhone either.

I’m also pretty sure that this is a new issue with iOS 15, as I can’t remember seeing this behaviour on earlier versions.

@sam was also able to reproduce this. Investigating.


Fix for this Safari bug incoming:

This is fixed here in Meta. Update your site to latest to receive the fix.


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