Android portrait images turned wrong way

This image should be turned 90 degrees clockwise:

This is Chrome on a Galaxy S7. I clicked the “upload” link in the composer and selected the camera app to snap the picture.

It also seems to be cropped strangely in the thumbnail presented here.

I haven’t examined the code path through Discourse, nor do I use Chrome much on my Android device. But I have a personal uploader app I use in Firefox with my Android device, and I don’t have to do anything special in my app for images to show up correctly. I believe the camera app senses the position of the phone and saves them the “right” way. Although it is possible that it is the browser examining the Exif and rotating for me.

Either way, I strongly suspect your image doesn’t have the correct Exif at the time of camera app save.

That’s what I’d think too, except I’m pretty sure that it worked as expected before, and it was only after I noticed someone else’s images turned sideways that I tested it for myself.

This is a duplicate, so closing it.

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