Images not adjusting to the width on mobile devices

Hi, since one of the last updates (a few days ago) there has been a change in the responsive images.
Now, horizontal images don’t adjust to the width of the page, so if you want to see the complete image, you need to click on it. However, this bug (?) doesn’t happen in the desktop version.

I show you an example of this issue:

I haven’t changed any settings so I guess this is a part of one of the last updates. Was this made on purpose? Is there any way to change it so the preview of the image adjust always to the width of the page?

Thank you!


This commit changed it.

You can revert it if you want. Add the following to css.

.d-editor-preview {
  img:not(.thumbnail):not(.ytp-thumbnail-image):not(.emoji) {
    height: auto;

So the change was intentional, that you need to click almost every image on mobile to view the whole image in the lightbox?

So you need to guess, that there is more than you can see and need the lightbox to check

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Yes, I checked this closely now and it seems to, it can cause problem with no lightbox media. For example gifs. Because the click action on gifs is pause.

Gifs are warped for me

So there is all the information, but the people are quite slim

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Yeah that is what I’m talking about :smile:


Thanks for the report, I can reproduce this as well, we will look into a fix.


This is quite disastrous for us as our community is heavily photographically based.



And how it appears on mobile:


Thanks for the CSS @dodesz we might apply this as a temporary fix :slight_smile:

And thanks @pmusaraj for jumping on the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I have reverted the commit linked by Don above, so this should be fixed shortly in the tests-passed branch.