Images Question

Hello All,

I am able to have a header using CSS themes in the home page. I have a few questions though:

  1. If I write my custom css and display an image, how do I ensure it loads only in the first page. Not when I am reading any topics.

  2. Can I keep all images in a folder like /var/images and show them as banners? Currently used docker install on Jelastic cloud.

  3. Also is there any plugin which does point 2. I saw a plugin, how ever I do not want to keep image in a topic and then show the gallery.

  4. I also used the static page creation plugin. There I can add custom text. Can I also bring the Category plugin which I see in the main page?
    My objective is to have a home page which has general content. Few feeds from latest topics. Then have a link called community, which show all the categories.

Sorry if there are too many questions. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.