Image header depending on the category/tab

As seen on Smartthings forum and hairxhub, you can add an image on the header depending on the tab or the category the user is in.

For example, if the user enters in, he can view the image on the header, but not in all the other tabs/category, nor in the main homepage.

Does someone know how to do this? We can pay for this customization if there is someone interested.


This is pretty cool …

The way they do it is by adding CSS to their site.

They tie the image to the body as a background image.

They use this css as base

Then they add custom CSS for each of their categories to display a different image…
(or in CSS terms)

body.category-hairstyles { background-image: url(/some-image.jpg); }

So if you’re comfortable with CSS, you can hack this on your own :wink:


Thanks @sigurdur!

I thought they had done some ember.js hack, if it is only a CSS customiz. we can do it :smile:

Very kind of you :sunny:

Hah … seems like I have some things to learn about discourse …!

You can add background images directly for a category … you can see how here:

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