ImgFlip: Adding a meme easily

That was it, @cpradio.

I registered for API access, entered the user and password in the settings and it’s working now.

Thanks again!

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I can edit is thai language

I’m not sure if I understand your question, but you would want to create a file using the Thai abbreviation (that Discourse uses) and submit it as a PR.

client.en.yml and server.en.yml are the two that need to be created.


I mean Sad => เศร้า

Oh, first off, that is ReplyGif, not ImgFlip. Second, that is from their endpoint and to my knowledge they do not have a way to request the categories in a particular language…


Sadly, their registering process seems to be broken :frowning:

I’ve contacted customer support to no avail.

Anyone nice enough to share their API credentials?

I’d really like to have that feature!

This is very likely against their TOS.


I contacted their support to no avail. I don’t think they’d mind me using what their service is supposed to provide.

In any case, I would agree to pay someone who has an api key if I incur any cost on the platform.

I frankly don’t care about their tos, I just want silly memes. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried using their regular signup form instead of the Google login?

The error prompts when I click on the login button. I can’t choose between standard or Google login.

Does it works on your end?

Yes, I’m able to login. I meant, did you use the sign-up form to create an account versus just trying to login via Google.

I did create an account and I can log into, but I can’t log into

When I dismiss the error popup and try to log in with my credentials, this thing pops up:

Where are you trying to login on You don’t need to, you just need to put your account credentials in your Discourse Settings. There is no API Key area at imgflip, you just use your account username and password.


That worked! I assumed I had to generate an api key or something :sweat_smile: thanks a lot for your help mate :slight_smile:


Hi. any idea why I am getting CORS error when generating meme. but when fetching meme template, APi is working fine. API is working in POSTMAN

Hi, I installed the plugin, and it’s working. Question: how do I get all of the ImgFlip options? I’d like users to be able to upload their own images and also be able to draw over them.

Unfortunately, their API doesn’t support custom images.

You can read more about their API at

The plug-in does support selecting a meme via their popular memes and adding your own text to it though.



Just installed this plugin and its great. Is there any chance it could be updated to support the box_count returned from get_memes and then use that to create that number of text boxes for the selected image, then post back using the “boxes” field? This would allow the plugin to support more than two text boxes.

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I dont think this works anymore.