Impersonate a user and returning to admin user

The admin can choose to impersonate another user when needed. This can be useful when a member is experiencing odd behavior or you need to check their permissions. Impersonating another user acts as if you are logged in as that user. The Admin user is logged out when user changes and does not have to log out when the web browser is closed.

The admin user is no longer logged in as admin and needs to log out and log in again to return to the admin user. To exit, use the “Log Out” button in the user menu. Closing the web browser does not log out the impersonated user.

Impersonating a User

  1. In Admin, Users select the user you want to impersonate. Open their profile.

  2. Select Admin in the top right hand corner

  3. At the bottom, select the Impersonate button

Once you have impersonated that user, your log in user changes to be that user and you are no longer logged in as admin.

At this point you will see exactly what that user sees including if they are currently writing a message. Recreating the user’s environment entirely, is important to helping them solve their issue.

Logging out

To return to the Admin user, log out and log back in as the Admin user.

:memo: Logging in and impersonating in a private/incognito window prevents needing to log back in under your main browser session. Just close the window and you’re good to go!