Implement Discourse AI on DigitalOcean

Hi I need to implement AI on Discourse instance on Digital Ocean. I need to find volunteer-IT-pro who’ll do the job well. What’s the tech stack to implement it for me to create vacancy text?
P.S. If someone have knowledge and time (to help “Time to SHIFT Ukraine!” Social Project), please advice what’s the tech stack for Wordpress SSO with Discourse login possibility, installed LMS like open-source EdX, DAO integration (possibly Aragon)? For all of them to work on Digital Ocean droplet.
P.P.S. I know that such droplet will cost from 150-200 USD/month but DO has credits for non-profits of 2500 USD for a year. Hope :crossed_fingers: to get it.

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Email and I’ll see how I can help you after Monday.


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