Import from vbulletin to discourse forums


I am currently moving from vbulletin to discourse forums.Import scripts ( scripts/import_scripts/vbulletin.rb ) were running fine and 2.3 million posts are transferred out of 2.5 million.But now it is stopping after 1-2k posts.Anyone can help?

Are you getting an error message of any type?

Are you running it locally or on your server? What the the specs of the relevant machine(s)?

Could the import process be running out of memory?

Have you tried copying the data and running the script locally on a system with a large amount of RAM?

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No error message is displayed.
I am running it on my server which still have 16gb free and with 2gb RAM.
Sometimes it runs for 15 to 20k posts but it stops then too.

I cannot help with technical issues but we also had some problems migrating to Discourse.
Have a look here for a discussion that helped us.


I would start with adding more RAM.

Thank you mates i have solved the issue.
My swap space gets filled and it chokes the process.
Now added more swap space and it is working fine.

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