Import from Woltlab suite 5 to Discourse

Hello there I have a forum with woltab suite5 software, its a hobby forum and because of the economic crash in Sri Lanka I can no longer afford to pay annual licence fee.
I have successfully installed discourse and very happy with it.

however i am not able to find any importers for WoltLab Suite - Premium Community Forum Software

despite discourse having over 40 scripts woltab is still not available. I cant afford to hire a developer for custom code. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you even get a database dump from Woltab?

If you have done any programming or know someone who has, you can choose an existing import script as a base and change it to support your data. I wrote several import scripts before I really learned Ruby. I did learn a handful of programming languages back in the 1980s, and a few more in the 1990s.

Thanks a lot, I know only basic html editing etc.

I am using woltllab standalone, which I installed myself. I have got a database dump via the plesk panel. Can you please have a look at it? I can send you the compressed dump. and also login details for the forum.
Which of the scripts do you suggest I alter for woltlab? Can you please have a look. how to run the script?I have some idea since I installed the discourse myself.

Thanks in advance.