Import new posts/users from a spreadsheet

I am looking for a way to import some artificial user posts/comments into a new discourse install to encourage some organic posting. Here is what I would like:

Day1: I import a new spreadsheet with new posts
Day 2: I import a few new posts and some comments/answers to posts from day 1
Day 3 I import more posts and comments

I would do this for the first month and then ease off.

I would like an easy way to create these artificial accounts and posts. Then I would just use the spreadsheet/csv template to do it over and over again.

I was thinking something like a migration script would work, but not sure if there is a simpler way. Thanks for any input!

I’ve been planning an import script that will allow you to import data from a Google sheet (though it could be an excel file just as well.

If you have a budget you can contact me.