Import_scripts are missing



I want to try to import my old bbpress forum to my discourse, I hope it will be good :slight_smile:

But the import_scripts directory is missing. How can I install it?

I want to use this:

thank you

(I’m completely new in discourse)

(Stephen) #2

The folder isn’t missing, you’re just looking for it outside Docker.

From within the app the path is:


Are you doing the import on a development install, or trying to migrate from within Discourse built using the cloud install guide?

It’s all explained in the first paragraph of the guide:

Before starting the migration set a development environment on your machine (or inside a virtual machine) and run the import there instead of inside the docker container.

(Frederik) #3

You can have a look at my little howto:


Thank you, I found it! :slight_smile:

(Rishabh Nambiar) #5