Importing old vb(s) into Discourse

I’m currently working on importing a handful of my smaller topic-related vbulletin forums into a single Discourse. Things are going swimmingly. Seriously. Very happy.

The only remaining problem I have is that some of these vb communities have photo galleries (vb paid add-on). I am looking to see what Discourse folks think is the best way to manage/still use these photos. If these were just memes or goofy photos, I’d flush them. They aren’t. There isn’t a Discourse separate yet integrated photo gallery option like what I had with vb. Not complaining.

My objective isn’t necessarily a community photo gallery add-on. But I’d like to try to move these vb gallery images and have them still tied to their authors. Then of course, moving forward being able to maintain a system for people to share photos that matches the way I managed the first set of imported vb gallery photos.

What is the best current solution? Just want the best option today on what to do with these photos that are currently in a vb photo gallery. What would you do?

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Are these galleries linked to a topic? If they are, you could modify the importer to add these images in the topic they’re linked to.

No. This is a photo gallery that integrates with VB, but is separate. Photopost VBGallery. They are linked to the user and allows them to have photo albums, comments, whatnot.

I once wrote an importer for what I think was a similar gallery. I put all of the images into the topic post and included the comments as posts under it.

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Are you saying create topic posts for these images? Because there aren’t any that are currently in topics. I’d have to create topics based on captions, I guess. Is there a slideshow, thumbnail grid format or anything for multiple images in a post? Full sized images are not lean and wouldn’t work well.

I’ll sort out something. I can put them into a wordpress gallery or flickr community moving forward I guess. My goal was to have what I do with them be consistent with what we do moving forward and not say oh your vb gallery photos can’t be moved. Because I know they can be. I’m just looking for best way to execute that. I do not care about image comments.

I’ll think this through better.

There is image gallery plugin, but I’m not sure it works with latest.

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That’s what I did. The one that I imported I think had a title for each, uh, gallery, I think, so it was easy enough to create a topic for each.

Yes. It’s somewhat rudimentary, but if a post has multiple images, Discourse will generate thumbnails and if you click an image, it’ll make a slideshow. You can check it out (on your Discourse or, for example) by creating a topic, and drag-and-dropping a handful of images onto the composer.


I wonder if modifying img tag in post to add limited width/height would give you smaller thumbs in grid like fashion…

If yes, you could do it in import scripts… but I’m not sure if fixed img size won’t break other responsive design features.


@Sara_Noel couple of years later, wondering how everything is going, are all the import kinks now resolved?

Candidly speaking, I decided against a gallery. Sometimes I forget the bloat I carried with VB.
Import went fine. In-forum images are fine/totally acceptable.
Thanks for checking in, Sam.
Same day…1 week…2 years. Works for me. :wink: Time is flying by.
Feel free to like or bump any of my old posts anytime. I know Jeff will love that. :smiley: (Hi Jeff!)


No probs … fair enough… btw these days we have an interesting gallery theme component you could experiment with at: