Importing RSS feed items from specific as topic items

Is there a mechanism to take a specific RSS (or Atom) feed and create discussion topics from each feed item as it comes in?

I saw but that, according to @codinghorror, is not what the feed integration in embedding is for. I can’t find any other discussion.

My goal here is to take the RSS feed from a blog (not embed discourse in the blog itself) and each time a blog post shows up in the RSS feed, to have a topic created in my discourse. I don’t own the blog in question so I can’t integrate directly but it seems like the idea of “make a discussion topic from an RSS entry” is generic enough to have utility for some folks. Maybe someone has already made a plugin to do this if it is not supported?

There’s a RSS plugin that @LeoMcA wrote last year, I think it can do what you want:


It turns out that using (misusing?) the embedding RSS feed options, I’ve so far been able to get topic items created in a category just for that blog with the title (not quite converted cleanly) of each post but the post contents don’t show up. That’s sort of ok but I’ll check the plugin.

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It seems like there have been some new things since this topic was created that could be useful in cases such as this: :slight_smile:

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