Impossible to quote from closed topic on mobile

Two related bugs (on mobile, in case it matters):

  1. It’s impossible to quote a topic that is closed. Pressing the quote button will correctly create a new topic with the usual “continuing discussion from…” notice but the quote is missing. Trying a second time to insert it will trigger the “Sure you want to abandon your post?” question.
  2. Trying to quote from a closed topic in a reply to another topic will destroy that reply. From memory, what I did was: reply to a post in a topic (by quoting it), write something, navigate to a closed topic, select text, hit" quote", (this will bring a new topic without the quote as described above), navigate back to the topic you are replying to and your reply will be gone (if you resume the message, it will be the one from the closed topic). Somehow (page reload?) the draft did reappear but I was unable to submit it because it complained that the title cannot be empty and changing the title in a reply is obviously not possible. This was here on meta. I can try and provide more details if necessary when I have more time later.

This should be fixed per:

This is a bit of a multibug you posted here, so I am closing this, but feel free to open up another report on other edge cases after you apply the fix.