Improve error message for reserved usernames

Hello all,
I have on my instance a reserved character string. When users attempt to change their usernames to this
however they get an error that it is already in use.

Is there a way I can specifically override that string only? To be more specific the string in a user account whena user goes to update their username manually.

To confirm, the username is NOT taken. It simply contains the reserved substring.

You can go to, search for “Sorry, that” and replace it with whatever you feel is most appropriate.



That would work however that would override a scenario when a username is in fact already taken.

We wouldn’t want to say username is taken when it just contains a reserved string.

For example:

jon is already in use but I updated that message. Jon now sees: Sorry, that username contains a reserved string

Get what I mean?

I do. In the immediate term, you can edit the message to say something like “It’s taken or contains RESERVED WORD.” That would give you a solution, albeit imperfect, immediately.

What you want seems like a reasonable feature request, as the error message could be more robust and explicit.