User who mistakenly used reserved username can't join via invite

One of our users tried to sign up with a reserved keyword (our company name) in their Full Name field (not in the username), so they were denied. After that they didn’t use that keyword, but they can’t register. I’ve sent them an invite and they still get an Incorrect, username, email or password error message when trying to accept it.

Our emails are of the format - could that mess things up? (pretty common scenario, I’m trying to prevent impersonation).

I don’t see anything related in the Error log or in the other logs I looked at (Screened Emails/IPs/URLs are empty). Maybe I missed something?

In the end the user managed to sign up via GitHub.

Potentially related: Reserved usernames ignored by invites


Curious… can you reproduce this end-to-end? (use a shadow account or something)

This will make it easier to address the issue.

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