Improve sidekiq statistics

Lately I seem to have some problems with sidekiq jobs.
As on sidekiq I can not see the logs of failed processes it is always a little mystery to understand what did not work.
For example, looking on the dashboard and set the stats for 6 months I can see this graphic:

The chart tends to rise steadily and after about 20000 processes it seems to reset and start over again.

So I was looking for github if there was some update-plugin-something to implement the sidekiq interface and I found this

Has anyone already tested it?

(damned keyboard shortcuts, I saved the post before finishing writing :roll_eyes:)


We were able to install the gem 'sidekiq statistics' on our test server, I thought there would be more problems. Currently sidekiq is active and working and the tab statistics is visible.

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We used to ship the gem with Discourse but it was removed due to

which results in a memory leak in Redis.