Redis-cli command to check sidekiq process

I’m running an import right now to upload to a new Standard Hosting account. It’ll likely be finished before I finish this message.

I’m running it with the hostname set that the site will have, so I can’t access the web interface since it’s for a different domain. I’d like to wait for sidekiq to finish before I take the backup to upload it.

Can I do a redis-cli comand to check that the sidekiq processes have finished?

Well, a "keys “failed” is returning a bunch (oh, 214) of lines like:

200) "sidekiq:stat:failed:2019-08-07"

Maybe I should just run it with a bogus hostname and let that be your problem. :man_shrugging:

Use a temporary hostname you control (e.g. so that a remap fixes it all.


That’s what I usually do. I was thinking that it might save a step to go straight to your hostname, but that was wrong. And since they’re going to change the hostname from their temp host name to the real one anyway, and they haven’t yet set up that domain. . . .

Thanks anyway.

Still mildly curious how to see if jobs are queued, but I now cannot think of a situation where it’ll be helpful to know. :slight_smile:

If you’re really curious, I suppose you could pull that out of the Sidekiq web UI code?

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