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Welcome! It does look like a migration issue.

You have a Discourse official Standard Installation And the steps in the PostgreSQL 13 update went smoothly?

Have you tried rebuilding again?


Hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes I have a standard installation and I have rebuilt the project many times since I was changing configs (I took over the forum administration from another guy).
I have purged the forum and am now trying to set up with a stable version (2.6.3). I didn’t encounter any error when importing, except this warning:

Warning: no type cast defined for type "name" with oid 19. Please cast this type explicitly to TEXT to be safe for future changes.

This is safe to ignore.


The column was added in this migration, last July:

So perhaps an earlier migration failed for you? Any migration errors in the logs?


Ohh I figured it out, after hours of trying to make it work. I think he added the field manually, not using migrations. Or something like that though the field was missing in the export.

I noticed that one was not run for some reason when restoring the backup. So I added the field manually just to create it and rerun that specific migration so its now migrated as it should. I know I complicated things, but hope it will work now for future updates of the forum.

Thanks guys, guess its not a bug in Discourse but the install.