Improved Bookmarks with Reminders

Welcome! It does look like a migration issue.

You have a Discourse official Standard Installation And the steps in the PostgreSQL 13 update went smoothly?

Have you tried rebuilding again?


Hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes I have a standard installation and I have rebuilt the project many times since I was changing configs (I took over the forum administration from another guy).
I have purged the forum and am now trying to set up with a stable version (2.6.3). I didn’t encounter any error when importing, except this warning:

Warning: no type cast defined for type "name" with oid 19. Please cast this type explicitly to TEXT to be safe for future changes.

This is safe to ignore.


The column was added in this migration, last July:

So perhaps an earlier migration failed for you? Any migration errors in the logs?


Ohh I figured it out, after hours of trying to make it work. I think he added the field manually, not using migrations. Or something like that though the field was missing in the export.

I noticed that one was not run for some reason when restoring the backup. So I added the field manually just to create it and rerun that specific migration so its now migrated as it should. I know I complicated things, but hope it will work now for future updates of the forum.

Thanks guys, guess its not a bug in Discourse but the install.


@martin I would like to add my +1 to that. In my company, we use Discourse as the shared knowledge base for everything we do, so this would be a fantastic seamless way to run things, with no need to go through third party software (company chat on the Matrix) or clutter the forum with posts such as “look at this please @alice”.

Also thanks for the reminder feature, it makes all the difference. I am going to re-start using bookmarks now.


Why not use a staff-only tag for this purpose?


Hello @codinghorror, thanks for your great work! That’s doable, of course, as are several others workarounds. In general, the #staff tag is not a good match for my company in particular, because we need more granularity: I want to “send” this bookmark to Alice, but not clutter Bob’s mindspace with it. Also, tags do not come with notifications (unless they do and I did not notice, would not be the first time).

Why I am so excited about this: we are trying to decouple from Big Tech stacks, and Discourse is the centerpiece of our setup anyway. Anything integrated with Discourse has good chances of an immediate uptake, because we do all our work with a Discourse tab open. I am seeing a faint possibility to dispose of Google Calendar, though that will require putting in place process as well as tech.

I also have a question. Is there a way to set notification preferences for the reminders? I created one on this topic to test the functionality, and this morning I had received the e-mail notif from your reply above, but not the one from the reminder. The latter does show up in the usual way on the site itself, clicking on my avatar.


Hey @martin wanted to see if there was any additional thoughts on recurring reminders. We’re have a running thread for standup and it would be nice to have a daily personal reminder to post one!


This is certainly on our roadmap, we had some initial reluctance around building it, but stand convinced it is a good idea.

Will be in the range of 3-6 months though till it is built.

In the mean time, discourse-automation can achieve some interesting related workflows.


I have been looking all over, but this thread was coming closest to what (one of my users) has been experienced:
This user uses bookmarks to find back topics easily but is running into the max allowed bookmarks limit.
This seems to be set at 2000
Can this limit be larger or can it be set as no-limit? If so, where (in what file, what section of that file) should I adjust this?
I am quite surprised there even is such a limit.
thnx, robb


Not exactly a solution to the problem, but if he’s using bookmarks with reminders, and after the reminder is sent he don’t care more about the bookmark, he can delete it so as to not keep all bookmarks, that he probably will never see again.

He can even make it automatic by clicking in the gear icon when bookmarking and choose to delete once the bookmark is sent. This way, only the bookmarks with reminders not sent yet will stay, reducing a lot the number of bookmarks.


There is a site setting that controls this that can be changed in your app.yml file, but this cannot be set to no-limit:

Thank you to @lucasbasquerotto for giving the auto delete hint, here it is in the UI for reference:


@martin thanks! I think I was looking for that setting in the .yml file. I will put the site admin to work to change that and set it to something like 10k or so…


I would like the ability to include a note with a bookmark, so it can be used as follow up.

For example: the topic is about something that includes an event at a later date. To remember to go back and update the topic after that event, I’d like to have the bookmark remind me what the event is and why I need to follow up.

This would be much more convenient than putting a link and reminder in my calendar. It already works like a personal calendar just without the notes.


You can put a note in this field. It will show up in your list of bookmarks at Profile - Marcello_Iaia - Discourse Meta, and also on hover in the bookmark list in the quick access menu underneath your user avatar.


Ha, yes! I thought I had deleted this reply just a few hours ago after discovering that. But thank you very much. Every time I think some feature could be better I find out I just haven’t learned enough about Discourse.


Is there an way you to have bookmarks like it was before?

Weeks/month later and not gather all reminders in first day of week/month?


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I am not following – what order do you prefer? The order we are trying for is:

  • sooner (hours)
  • later (days)
  • much later (weeks)
  • way way later (years)