Improvement suggestions for groups (helpdesk mode)

having used groups since before it was even officially released to do “support”/“sales” there are a few things we’d like to see in Discourse to vastly improve the experience:

  • Search by subject/body and email address (esp for archived posts), this lets us find old posts.

  • Moving/merging posts: Sometimes when someone replies they use the To: email address instead of the Reply To: email address. When this happens I usually forward the mail manually, but it would be great if I could easily “add” it to an existing post.

Of course as always, these are just suggestions to improve discourse.


Are these searching terms even possible @zogstrip?

We extract these information from every incoming emails

  • Message Id
  • From address
  • To addresses
  • Cc addresses
  • Subject

So I guess we can search for those.

We don’t extract the body, but we store the “raw” version of the email. (so we can either extract the body or search directly in the raw email)


I just noticed I never followed up; does this mean it’s already possible with advanced search?

I don’t think we’ve added these options, but we do have the data available.