Improving onebox for our documentation pages

In the Let’s Encrypt forum we often link to documentation. I’d love to improve the experience. For instance, below is an example of the onebox that gets generated:


In particular, I’d like to omit the “Last updated … See all Documentation” text. I know Google supports a data-nosnippet HTML attribute to inhibit snippeting of certain elements. Is there anything equivalent for Discourse’s onebox?

Also, I’d like to selectively inline a larger chunk of the page text, when the URL points to our own site ( Is that possible?


Adding some OpenGraph tags on those pages should be enough. In particular add:

  • og:title
  • og:image
  • og:description

At the moment we are falling back to the twitter tags in the head but their quality is low. You may want to move away from auto-generated description tags, as the twitter tag description has way too much noise at the moment:

<meta name="twitter:description" content="Last updated: Jul 30, 2019 | See all Documentation When reporting issues it can be useful to provide your Let&amp;rsquo;s Encrypt account ID. Most of the time, the process of creating an account is handled automatically by the ACME client software you use to talk to Let&amp;rsquo;s Encrypt, and you may have multiple accounts configured if you run ACME clients on multiple servers.
Your account ID is a URL of the form https://acme-v02.">
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