In need of a developer to manage our DC Implementation

(To The Tick Llc) #1

We’ve had a great developer for our project so far, but sadly his time and availability to our project has become increasingly limited. We’re doing some cool things with DC (including google hangouts plugins, widgets, pop ups), looking a for a sharp Ruby developer to help complete some important aspects of our project and to work with us as we created new DC implementations.


(To The Tick Llc) #2

Still looking for someone to work with us on our project.

(Kane York) #3

Well, I’m not a sharp Ruby developer yet, but I might have some extra time between class work :wink:


(To The Tick Llc) #4

Hey guys we had to put our work on hold for a little while, we’re still looking for someone to work with us.

(Jeff Atwood) #5